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Change—however inevitable and unavoidable—is a difficult thing to accept. That posed no difficulty for Turri, however; at the ripe old age of 94, the Italian brand, known for its classic and opulent offerings, parachuted into modern minimalism in dramatic fashion.

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Architectural Digest India2 min de lecture
The Mood
I did an artwork exchange with Vishwa Shroff (thanks to TARQ) and received this lovely watercolour, graphite and ink piece from her Partywall Bombay series from 2019. I saw this pronto-plate lithograph on Fabriano paper by Ranjit Kandalgaonkar print
Architectural Digest India2 min de lecture
Lady Bharti
In the history of handbags, few have been as iconic or subjected to as many reimaginings as the Lady Dior. What was born as a little black, rectangular, boxy creation gifted to the late Princess of Wales in 1995 soon became a status symbol and a fash
Architectural Digest India2 min de lecture
Moving meditations of Sufi whirling dervishes, decorated Persian tombs in the Indian Deccan, the Japanese art of repairing what’s broken—none of this is new. Neither is bidri, the centuries-old metal handicraft from the hilltop city of Bidar in Karna