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AHA! International Theatre Festival for Children


AHA! International Theatre Festival for Children, hosted by Rangashankara, will bring together national and international theatre productions to audiences in Bengaluru. The festival, which has attracted large audiences since its inception, in 2009, will cater to various age groups, ranging from toddlers to adolescents. Productions from Germany, South Korea, Australia, Italy

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Status Update
Turkey’s highest administrative court ordered on 10 July that the Hagia Sophia be reconverted from a museum to a mosque. This prompted immediate responses from many countries, but, worryingly, none came from India. The Hagia Sophia was built as a Chr
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Editor’s Pick
ON 13 AUGUST 1891 , soon after the conclusion of the Anglo-Manipur War, Tikendrajit Singh, the commander of the Manipuri army, is publicly hanged by British authorities at the polo ground in Imphal. Tikendrajit was a half-brother of Surachandra Singh
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Social Structure
THE GREAT ENGINEERS OF MEDIEVAL INDIA were mainly Shudras. Members of the lowest varna in the caste hierarchy, the Shudras produced a steady supply of architects, builders, stonemasons, bronze sculptors, goldsmiths and other professionals. Sometimes