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urrounded by mountains, this city, founded in 1471, is a favourite with visitors to the North African country that has influences from France and Spain in its cuisine, architecture and culture. Often called the Blue City, it is famous for its buildings, houses and shops painted various shades of that colour. There are a number of theories about the reason: some say it was due to the belief that blue keeps mosquitoes away; others claim the association with the sky and heaven will remind people to lead a spiritual life. The city’s medina, or Old Town, is particularly

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If you have spent time in either Los Angeles or New York City in the last decade or so, chances are you’re familiar with The Standard chain of hotels. This group is now bringing its famous gloss and glamour halfway across the world to the Maldives. I
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On The Go
The capital is particular about its Asian fare, and so it’s no surprise that diners have taken to OKO, the pan-Asian eatery at the Lalit New Delhi. Known for its innovative food from Japan, China and Thailand, the food at OKO is ably overseen by chef
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Writer; Here’s To Smart Travel; p126 A: “I’m hoping to travel more consciously this year. That includes cutting out single-use plastics and purchasing local so local communities benefit. I also want to indulge in some slow travel and (hopefully) cros