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Venice bewitches. Like many before me, I have been seduced by its art, architecture, poetry and beauty. But when people think of Venice they tend to think of its palaces, the Grand Canal, St Mark’s Square, fancy hotels and restaurants. What I adore about the city, though, is its love of food. Venetians cook and eat with such passion and pride—and as long as this continues, their culture will survive. There’s a genuine and thrilling attitude to the seasons and the ingredients they bring, and I find this completely infectious. The difference between home cooking and restaurant food is simply a question of attitude. The former is heartfelt and generous, born of love, warmth, tradition and a sense of abundance. The latter counts precision, consistency and expertise among its virtues. Much has been written about the smartest restaurants, but the places that the locals tend to go to, which have the most wonderful homespun recipes, are the places I tend to favour too. Here are my finds.”



“Venetians don’t really do breakfast in

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