Varanasi, the Feline series – Please share with us how you choose the themes for your collections…

“I choose themes based on a variety of things. Varanasi is based on spirituality and spiritual places that inspire me, and causes that I care about. I once went to Varanasi and was struck by the beauty of the bald widows and their personal freedom in the midst of their being destitute and societally condemned in India. At the time, the Ganges was being restored so I did a timeline on the resurrection, emancipation and glorification of the so called “mother” that we’ve worshipped yet destroyed, well-meaning as we may be.

“The is about power, innocence, grace and beauty as well

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HELLO India4 min de lecture
Shyamal Bodani
“It was only five years ago when I started visiting galleries and shows, and I got into it hard. It’s like an addiction. It’s a solo hobby and I like to keep it that way. I hate going for art fairs with people because then you have to explain to them
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Although Louis-Francois, the founder of Cartier, did not have the resources to fill his store with ropes of pearls, and could not afford a showroom in the prestigious Palais Royal area, he chose one way in which his firm could distinguish itself. “Be
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Shraddha Bhansali
“I have always grown up with art around me and a really big reason for this is my father’s passion for it. Some of the best Sundays from my childhood were trips with my father to Jehangir Art Gallery followed by a visit to the Sizzling Brownie at Cre