eter Nagy, an artist who exhibited in the US and Europe first started Nature Morte as a gallery in America in the early 1980s. Aparajita Jain’s journey in the art world began in Kolkata, growing up in a family of art lovers, but it took a professional turn with her launching Seven Arts in the Capital in 2009. Although, they are decades apart from where their professional milestones began, they joined forces in 2013 when Aparajita joined Nature Morte, merging some of the artists from her talent pool at Seven Arts. Aparajita, a founding member of Harvard University’s South Asia Arts Council, representing Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, and Peter are an

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HELLO India5 min de lecture
Once Upon A Rich Legacy… umang Hutheesing
With its quaint havelis, rich histories in textile and wondrous spiritual architecture, the aristocratic lifestyle in pre-Independence Gujarat is Umang Hutheesing’s favourite subject. Ensconced in a 500-year-old haveli in Ahmedabad, the land of the M
HELLO India7 min de lecture
Subodh Gupta And Bharti Kher The ‘Common’ Canvas
My first meal ever with Bharti Kher and Subodh Gupta (and many such meals were to follow, over the years), was in a small flat in what was then the scrubland of Gurgaon. Out of nothing and amidst racing crowds of tumbleweed, their toasty flat in a so
HELLO India2 min de lecture
Letters To The Editor
letterstohello@gmail.com True power is when someone actually uses it for others. Unfortunately, it is often misused in our society and never fully utilised for the benefit of others. However, there’s hope in the new world order to redefine the essenc