‘When you are dealing with human beings you can’t be too mechanical. Healing is spiritual — it’s changing people’s lives’

Mosaraf Ali is a busy man. From London to Muscat and Kangra, where he runs his own retreat centre, he’s now setting up his latest facility at Ishavilas, Goa, offering an integrated health solution to reverse age and even help people heal from some serious ailments. Originally from India, the doctor – who received his degree in Russia – set out on a journey of discovering the secret wisdom of the Indian masters almost three-and-a-half decades ago. He’s now an expert who combines the wisdom of Eastern and Western medicines to treat his patients. One of the pioneers of bringing back the art of kayakalpa, Ali, a follower of Hippocratic medicine (that believes in the innate healing powers of the body) shares how modern medicine, Ayurveda, unani and marma therapy

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