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Fuel tap overhaul

WHEN THE JAPANESE FACTORIES finally got to grips with making commercially viable motorcycles, they rapidly standardised the small but vitally significant components that can make or break owner satisfaction.

One such item was the humble fuel tap and for once the

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Remove That Damn Bolt!
Various manufacturers utilise subtly different methods of building telescopic forks, but the MO is generally similar. Generally it’s best to remove the damper rod bolt out of the fork leg first. This way the spring is under compression holding the da
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Triumph 3TA
IT HAD BEEN A FRUSTRATING DAY. A 350-MILE ROUND trip had been made to ride a small selection of classics. It had been a decidedly risky plan in any case given the time of year, but the weather forecast had been for a little light rain first thing, wi
Classic Bike Guide1 min de lecture
Classic Bike Guide
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