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ne of the great joys of growing edible crops undercover is being able to harvest a fresh selection of tasty fruit and veg through much of the year. Because you can start sowing and planting earlier than outside in the garden, by May you should have plenty of crops growing. The secret of successful polytunnel growing is to grow

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Growing Oyster Mushrooms
Mushrooms are a key ingredient to many pasta sauces, and growing fungi is fun and fast – you could be picking them as soon as a fortnight from starting them off. Mushroom growing kits make the whole process a lot easier. This one recycles old paperba
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Write In And Win – Every Question Wins A Prize!
Our Star Question winner will receive vouchers worth £25; the writers of all other questions printed will receive a£10 voucher. They can be redeemed against any products in the latest Mr Fothergill’s catalogue, which will be sent out with the voucher
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Maximise Your Growing Space
If you have only a small veg garden then you may have to be a bit more creative in getting the most from the space. Here are some ideas which may help. Intercropping is the cultivation of two or more crops together, usually within the same rows or ve