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Pests And Problems
This affects parsnips as well as carrots. Keep the bed covered with fine mesh net to keep flies out. Put this on when you sow and leave it in place until the crop is lifted. Uncover for weeding, but don’t leave the bed exposed for long if you want gr
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April Tips
■ As soon as you empty a watering can in the greenhouse, refill it from the water butt and bring it back inside. This does two things. Firstly, it allows the cold water time to get to room temperature so that when you water the plant, its roots don’t
Kitchen Garden1 min de lecture
Did You Know?
In January of this year the BBC reported that a dog walker in Tyne and Wear alerted the police to what she thought was a human foot buried in mud. When police investigated it turned out that what looked like a toe protruding through the mud was actua