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Outdoor Life

Alex Robinson Editor-in-Chief

Sean Johnston Group Creative Director


Senior Editor Natalie Krebs

Deputy Editor Gerry Bethge

Associate Editor Joe Genzel


Shooting Editor John B. Snow

Hunting Editor Andrew McKean

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Outdoor Life1 min de lecture
The Buck Stops Here
EAU CLAIRE COUNTY, WI WRITE US! “This Happened to Me” has been a fixture of OL since 1940. We’ve compiled our readers’ most hair-raising misadventures in a single volume. You can pore over the 183 pages of this action-packed book knowing you’re in go
Outdoor Life3 min de lecture
Genuine Artifacts
RIVERS NEVER STOP. For the poor guy who drops a rod into one, this is bad news because if the flows are up, nothing falls straight down. Currents can carry lost items for miles, and subsequently, it takes only one flood or a week of high water to mov
Outdoor Life3 min de lecture
Get The Drop(back)
BASED ON MY first few attempts, I assumed that suffering was essential to catching steelhead on Great Lakes tributaries. Those early trips, made between December and March, left me with numb extremities, ice-clogged guides, and few, if any, fish. Tha