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The English Garden3 min de lectureArchitecture
On Beauty
A childhood love of gardening led Arne Maynard to a career in garden design, and his skill and creativity in this field have yielded him a portfolio of high-profile clients around the world. His designs typically combine bold lines and a strong archi
The English Garden5 min de lecture
Great Expectations
In recent months, few places have been as cherished as our gardens, which, no matter how large or small, whether rural or urban, have offered relief from the strains of these unprecedented times. The rush on garden centres and nurseries over the spri
The English Garden1 min de lecture
Semi-double, apricot blooms appear from June on this David Austin English rose. An unusual cosmos variety with fused petals but just as easy to grow from seed. This vibrant stalwart flowers from May through summer easily filling gaps with colour.