The English Garden

Grown to Last

Merton College has varied hard-working gardens of herbaceous beds, bulb areas and exotic bedding producing year-round colour. The College was founded in 1263 and evidence suggests its 6.5-acre surrounds have been in cultivation ever since. Unsurprisingly, soil here is very fertile. “I felt the responsibility when I got the job,” Lucille recalls. Even the plants here have a long life. “When we buy plants, especially trees, we’re buying for 100 or 200

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The English Garden5 min de lectureArchitecture
In the heart of the Norfolk countryside, among gently undulating expanses of wide open fields and stands of mature woodland sits an unlikely fusion of farm and formality. This is the home of renowned garden designer and historian, George Carter. To t
The English Garden2 min de lecture
People to Meet
IKEA sell houseplants in their millions, globally and in the UK. Meet the man who’s responsible for deciding the UK’s next big indoor plant trends I’ve loved plants from a young age, so I was thrilled to get the chance to move from working in IKEA’s
The English Garden1 min de lectureArchitecture
BOUNDS of Possibility
Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) is the plant that I have used most for hedging. This is partly because of its historic use in the 17th century and partly because of how it adapts to wet and dry conditions. Plant 60-90cm tall plants closely, at 30-40cm t