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Climate change is now at the forefront of all our minds and it is a huge worry. But, as gardeners who grow plants, we can – and do – contribute to making a difference. Planting trees is one of the best ways to lock up carbon and mitigate climate change’s worse effects, and if every single one of the UK’s 27.8 million households with a garden (87 per cent of them) planted just one tree, that would be 24 million new trees across the country. Just imagine the impact that would have in terms of offsetting carbon and improving air quality.

Even the smallest garden can squeeze in a tree of some variety. While a fully grown oak will support a larger ecosystem of wildlife and contribute more to the environment than a tiny cherry, small trees do still bring benefits. Only a

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Nature to Note
The UK has just two species of deer that are truly native: the roe deer and the red deer. The medium-sized roe are widespread throughout Britain and can be found in all sorts of countryside habitats, from woodland and farmland to heathland. Although
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Things to Do
Slow down and take pleasure in printing your own botanically themed greetings cards this Christmas, using a handful of simple materials Making your own hand-printed cards is a sure-fire way to get into the festive spirit. With the right preparation,
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White Magic
The approach to Beckley Park is a three-quarter-mile rough track flanked with staddle stones and parkland trees. It’s barely negotiable in midwinter, but the destination is worth the ride. With snow outlining hedges and topiary, the silence is absolu