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Harley’s Comfort Zone Challenge

ere, I’ve decided I would step out of my “comfort zone” and do an artwork of something I’ve never painted. And here it is: a car. Actually a Porsche 911. Question: how does

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International Artist2 min de lecture
Capturing The Moment
Sometimes life seems to move so fast, that if I can just capture a moment, a little piece of this world, maybe it can help slow things down to a pace that I can appreciate. I don’t know why I seem to want to hold on to things that are so momentary. I
International Artist2 min de lecture
Saving Time
Could an agent help you be a professional artist? » If you are a professional artist, then you only need to paint. And that’s a very good reason to have an agent. You’ll be surprised at how much your agent can do. » Create a schedule of clear and ach
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Art Prize Challenge Series
ENTER OUR NEW ART COMPETITION See your work published in International Artist magazine and also receive a 4-page Editorial Feature in American Art Collector, the prestigious magazine read by collectors and galleries looking for new art work in the wo