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Raewyn Hill

BORN in New Zealand 1972, Raewyn Hill asked her mother if she could start ballet at age five but was told she needed to wait until she was six, her first lesson in patience. She is a Distinguished Graduate of the New Zealand School of Dance (1992), but considers her training as ongoing to this day.

Renowned for her work as a dancer and choreographer, Hill’s career to date spans 27 years. She was appointed Artistic Director of Dancenorth in 2010, where she remained until her appointment as Artistic Director of Co3 Australia in 2015.

In 2017 she returned to the stage in Ochre Contemporary Dance Company and The Farm’s production of Mark Howett’s Good Little Soldier.

Have there been times when it was hard to stay committed to your own dance practice?

Just before I retired from performance (at 34), opportunities to perform in other people’s work were decreasing. It became increasingly difficult to balance the running of my company, with my choreographic, performance touring career and teaching practice. I was touring the world and those opportunities were taking me away from those that I

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