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What’s in A NAME?
When is a Cornish pasty not a Cornish pasty? The answer is… when it’s produced outside of Cornwall. It’s just one of 88 British food and drink products that have been granted geographical protected status – meaning they must have been made in a speci
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Top Bulb Tips
✣ Be creative with containers – try decorative bowls, jam jars, even teacups! ✣ If the container has no drainage holes, use gravel or bulb fibre instead of compost. ✣ Bulbs can irritate the skin, so wear gloves when you are handling them. ✣ The ideal
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Think PINK!
Difficulty level To fit sizes 81-86 (91-97) (102-107) cm/32-34 (36-38) (40-42) in. Actual measurements 112 (123) (133) cm/44 (48½) (52¼) in. Width from cuff to cuff 151 (157) (162) cm/59½ (61¾) (63¾) in. Side seam All sizes 33cm/13in. Length 65 (66