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Australian House & Garden3 min de lecture
Tucked down one of inner-Melbourne’s ubiquitous graffitied laneways is a nondescript metal door. Push it open and you find yourself in a whimsical communal courtyard. Climbing roses and clematis tangle with masses of purple love-in-a-mist and Avonvie
Australian House & Garden1 min de lecture
Fresh Ideas & Easy Updates
+ Use darker-coloured paint, veneer or stone behind a TV for a distinguished disguise. Joinery on either side of the TV creates a frame and aids integration. + Extend a floor finish up the wall to define a media nook (see opposite). Vinyl planks from
Australian House & Garden3 min de lecture
Lucy Montgomery
My family owned pubs, so I spent a lot of time in hotels growing up. We even lived in one for five years. My favourite was an 1860s Italianate government building that my parents converted into a beautiful upmarket hotel. I spent countless hours the