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Miss Jayne Ireland
Jayne is engaged to Jody Beardall and they will be married at St Peter’s Church, North Rauceby, Lincolnshire, next year. She is the founder and director of knitwear company Tom Lane and the daughter of James Ireland of North Rauceby, Lincolnshire, an
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Lessons For A New Generation
ANYONE who tuned in to last week’s Listening Project on Radio 4 featuring two undergraduates might have noticed that both have ambitions of working in the civil service. ‘I want to fix things,’ said Rhiannon, who’s in her second year reading Internat
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Midlife Crisis
STANLEY SPENCER (1891–1959) was married twice. Nothing unusual about that. The problem for Spencer was that he wanted to be married to both women at the same time. The conventional version of the story goes like this. In 1929, after four years of mar