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A powerful gift

“Cancer doesn’t discriminate, and neither do we,” says Elissa Brown, founder of the local nonprofit Polite Tumor. Founded in 2017, this organization offers financial assistance to women under 40 who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Brown emphasizes that the organization strives to build community and offer support in the healing process, no

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Condiment Compliments
Merfs Condiments, a Denver staple sired by Southern connoisseur Kelly Schexnaildre, is the epitome of fruitful experimentation. Its medley of uncommon hot sauces blends fresh ingredients (mango, strawberry, peach, and lime) with an arsenal of picante
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With wine in hand, Elysia Myers transfigures libation into landscape. Her art business, Elysia Myers Wine Art, launched in 2017 and now features an assortment of abstract designs and florals, in addition to greeting cards and ruby mountainous terrain
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Heart Of The Home
In most homes, the kitchen wears many hats—it’s the most logical spot for eating and entertaining, the ideal location to have a glass of wine with friends, and the perfect place to gather with family. It’s the heart of the home. But, according to Chr