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The headline prices of conventional construction methods are likely to be lower than the alternatives. The accepted wisdom is that

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Homebuilding & Renovating1 min de lecture
Retrofit Vs Self-build
Installing a wired setup is always more cost-effective when working with the blank canvas of a self-build. “It’s worth consulting an expert as early as possible — the sooner you speak to someone the easier it will be,” says Philipp from Loxone. “If y
Homebuilding & Renovating3 min de lecturePhysics
Should You Build An All-electric Home?
Ever since we realised that nuclear energy was not going to provide free energy for all, the all-electric house has been considered a daft idea. The shockingly low efficiency of fossil fuel power stations (less than 30%) leads to a high unit cost of
Homebuilding & Renovating5 min de lecture
Should You Use A Lighting Designer?
Good lighting is about far more than simply illuminating a space. Lighting has the power to bring out all the best bits of an interior scheme, create atmosphere and draw the eye to architectural features, decorative objects or pieces of art. Of cours