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Creating a drone superhighway

In a future that’s creeping ever closer, 21st-century technology will drive the smallest of everyday tasks. As the demand for drone applications rises,

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How It Works2 min de lectureMedical
Woman Contracts COVID-19 From Lung Transplant
A lifesaving operation turned tragic when a Michigan woman contracted COVID-19 from her double lung transplant last year and died soon after. The case marks the first time that doctors have confirmed COVID-19 transmission through an organ transplant.
How It Works1 min de lecture
Double Threat
When the propeller arms extend outwards, the vehicle’s width more than doubles in size. As its eight propellers rotate, gaining speed, the vehicle lifts vertically from the ground. The Black Knight is able to spend up to 19 hours at a time in the air
How It Works1 min de lectureChemistry
Brain Gym
Q1 What type of animal is a Tasmanian devil? Marsupial Arachnid Reptile Bird Q2 What was famously excavated at Sutton Hoo in England? A T. rex skeleton An ancient ship burial A medieval crypt A WWII bomber Q3 What chemical compound is chalk? Cal