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We all know someone who can lift the entire weights room but can’t seem to get out of their own way. We also know someone who is lightning fast, yet a slight breeze could knock them over. But what is far less common is the annoying but devastatingly dominant mofo who possesses that rare combination of both strength and speed. And that is POWER by definition — equal parts strength and speed. In geek talk this equates to work/ time. In Laymen’s terms, it’s simply the ability to

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Status Update
FULL NAME: Tyana Maree Hansen BORN: April 1, 1995 HOMETOWN: Brisbane, Qld CURRENTLY LIVES: Gold Coast, Qld LOVES: “Travelling, the beach and sleeping.” PET PEEVES: “Slow walkers and slow drivers.” GO-TO DRINK: “Gin and tonic with cucumber.” FA
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At 33, Saskia de Rothschild is the youngest person currently leading a Premier Grand Cru Bordeaux estate, the legendary Château Lafite Rothschild, which has been in her family since 1868. She’s also the first-ever female chairwoman of Domaines Barons
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Although it may be assumed that I’m someone who predominantly prefers working with high-performing athletes or high profile individuals, this isn’t the case. While this does make up some of my core clientele, I actually really love working with newbi