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Will curlew be on the menu?

I HAVE been wailing on and off like a Cassandra for the past three or so years about the future of British agriculture. However, now the umbilical cord with Europe has been cut. No more Common Agricultural Policy to which farmers may cling.

But where are we going? The 2020 Agriculture Bill is moving through Parliament as we speak. “This bill is one of the most significant pieces of legislation for farmers in England for over 70 years and it is absolutely vital that it is tailored to farming’s

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Practical Solutions For Partridges
Alastair Salvesen’s approach to increasing biodiversity while farming profitably hinges on embracing new technologies and seeking practical solutions. Salvesen (pictured left) is working with GWCT scientists to develop cover-crop mixes and management
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When asked whether the best hunting horses are bred or made, the majority of Fielders felt that nature alone is not enough. The votes were almost evenly split between those who thought you need both natural qualities and the right training and those
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Louise Harvey-Miller
ON 1 May 2015, I was at my desk in London watching my phone ping with updates of the whelping taking place at home in Scotland. Two of my husband’s pack of cockers were having babies – why both girls were producing at the same time is another story.