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Epic on ice

or HMS Endurance, skippered by Kiwi Frank Worsley, the timing could not have been worse. Charged with dropping off and picking

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New Zealand Listener3 min de lectureMedical
Tyranny Of Choice
If my GP called me now and told me he had a spare Covid-19 vaccine, you wouldn’t be able to slide a bus ticket between “I have a spare vaccine” and “I’ll be there in five minutes”. Others might be more cautious, picky or even “vaccine elitist”. How c
New Zealand Listener3 min de lecture
Money Ball
In 2012, US insurance giant AIG reportedly paid about $80 million to have its logo on the All Blacks jersey for five years. There was widespread condemnation. Words such as “prostitution” and “betrayal” were bandied about; AIG’s cash was labelled “di
New Zealand Listener7 min de lecture
The Cow Loves Robots
The video begins with dawn breaking over rows and rows of white-roofed greenhouses. They stretch as far as the camera can see. Music swells. Then, the voice-over: “Vegetable cultivation is becoming increasingly important,” a sensible man with a Briti