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It has now been a year since my family last bought meat from a supermarket. The only exceptions are sausages and bacon made from free-range pigs and that is purely because life would be diminished without pork products and none of my friends keep pigs.

We have eaten pheasant on 60 occasions, partridge 10 times (with tons in the freezer), pigeon just thrice and venison about 20 times.

We have had fish on 50 occasions plus a little home-produced lamb and the aforesaid porcine derivatives. We have eaten vegetarian meals about 138 times.

I have always been keen on eating game but previously it was always in a haphazard manner – when we had it we ate it. For pheasants and partridge that meant we had plenty from October to January then eked out what was left through spring and into summer, supplemented

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