Name: Jordan Talbot.

Nickname: Jordy or Jords.

Local spot: Llandudno.

Occupation: Junior illustrator.

Favourite board: 5’8” Ferral pistol whip.

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Zigzag3 min de lecture
Shark Rash
Legs spread almost a meter wide. Each knee pressing down on a pectoral fin. Lactic acid building in my forearms from applying downward pressure. All the while the skin of a 3m+ six-gill shark chafes away at my inner thighs. Due to the fact its verteb
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Banyak Dreaming
I met Alex a while before this trip, as well as the guys who were filming, like Jimmy Jazz and Tom Hawkins the photographer, they’re super creative individuals. Being around people who have an appreciation for different things when it comes to surfin