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Many years ago, Andy Reid and his wife, Tara, moved from a busy street in North London to the Coromandel bush, where the loudest

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North & South1 min de lectureMedical
The Bare Bones
An online self-assessment that estimates your risk of bone fractures has been launched by Bone Health NZ to get people thinking differently about osteoporosis. “If you know what your bone health is, you can do something about it,” says executive dire
North & South3 min de lecture
Ladd Culture
A SKILFUL PILOT with an effervescent personality, Fred Ladd (born 1908) was what his generation would have called “a real character”. In the post-World War II years there were any number of daredevil, rascally aeronauts whose skills had been honed du
North & South3 min de lecture
Dear John
A YEAR before former RNZAF pilot John J. Caulton died in 2015, just short of his 95th birthday, he had a serious talk with his grandson, who’s also named John. “I’m not going to be around much longer,” he said. “Is there anything you want to ask me?”