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The Making And Remaking Of Monster World Mw IV
Developed by Westone and released in April 1994 for Sega’s Mega Drive, Monster World IV (hereafter MWIV) was intended as the final entry in the ridiculously convoluted Wonder Boy saga. Mild spoiler: after the heart-warming ending and credits, your ge
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Hi Retro Gamer, Ever since the release of the PS Vita (and now the Nintendo Switch) I’ve been enjoying visual novels and was wondering if RG had ever done a feature on this genre? I have no idea of the origins of visual novels and just how far back g
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Alice And You In The Planet Of Numbers
» System: PC » Buy it from: Online » Buy it for: £5.19 While it might look complex, Alice And You is exactly what a puzzle game should be – easy to pick up, but hard to master. You’re placed in a grid of numbers, and the goal is to walk over every ti