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A year in, it’s the athleticism of Apex Legends that elevates it above its FPS and battle royale peers. Apex contains a decathlon worth of verbs: crouch-slides, dropship nosedives, trampoline leaps, zipline ambushes. These moves

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PC Powerplay2 min de lecture
Get Ready For Some Decent Graphics
Over one teraflop of pure compute performance, support for ultra-high resolution HEVC encode and decode, improved display pipelines, an enhanced rasterizer, variable rate shading, over double the performance in 3D rendering, and support for adaptive
PC Powerplay9 min de lecture
10 Is The Magic Number
It’s been five long years since Intel’s very first 14nm CPUs came to market. That’s worth repeating. It’s taken fully five years for Intel to roll out the 10nm successor to its 14nm production node. This from the company that has led the industry in
PC Powerplay1 min de lecture
Wes Fenlon
None of these other personal picks has a staff that hurls shrunken planets as grenades, so they’re not as good as Amid Evil. Along with Ion Fury and Dusk, it’s part of a thrilling ‘90s FPS revival that prioritises speed and madness. Every one of its