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Liquid-cooling is a fickle thing. It’s complex, intricate, and filled with far deeper considerations than any standard PC build. There’s a finesse and beauty to it, and a risk involved. The very best systems out there incorporate it into their wonderful forms, yet the ideas and dreams of many a master builder often don’t come to fruition, at least not how they were first imagined. If you’re not committed to mastering this powerful art, and to overcoming the obstacles each build throws your way, it’ll shake you off just as sure as the turning of the world.

This build has been a real challenge from start to finish. From the sponsor list, through the design phase and build process, to its real-world performance, every single element has come with its own set of defeats and victories. And yet, it is easily one of the best systems we’ve ever produced. Taking advantage of one of the latest Ryzen 3000 chips, and combining it with not one but two SLIed EVGA RTX 2080 Super GPUs, it was designed to truly push the limits of what you can achieve inside the impeccably orchestrated NZXT H710i case. It’s a machine that asks questions: Are two 2080 Supers

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