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It’s always scary taking a graphics card apart, because you’re messing around with something that’s insanely expensive. On the flip side, liquid-cooling anything below an RTX 2080 or equivalent tends to be difficult to justify from a cost-to-performance perspective, so it’s pretty much always the more expensive cards that you strip apart. In our case, it was two RTX 2080 Supers, which were provided by EVGA. We’ve combined them with two of EK’s Vector RTX waterblocks, along with some mirror-finished backplates to help both dissipate heat and throw light around the system.


We knew we wanted to go with a mirror-finish EK block for this one, and fortunately the company produces a variant of its new Velocity line with a diagonal finish that matches our Asus motherboard styling. The only downside is that it comes configured for an Intel setup as standard. There is an additional Ryzen bracket included, but there are no instructions provided or available online on how to actually swap it in. To do that, you

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