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Smart Spending
1. Road trip: Head south from Sydney down the Braidwood highway to National Trust-classified Braid-wood in the NSW Southern Tablelands. This charming colonial town was the backdrop to the iconic ’70s Australian film Ned Kelly, starring Mick Jagger. C
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What’s Been Your Best Money Hack Over The Past Six Months?
Max, a director of Banyantree Investment, says: “I have totally moved away from drinking $5 coffee every day and spending $400 a week on restaurant and cafe foods. I am now a self-taught chef, whipping up culinary delights from all over the world ins
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Landlord’s Toolkit
When you become a property investor, you also become a landlord. It is important to understand your responsibilities as a landlord, as this knowledge will help you avoid costly mistakes, maximise your returns and protect your investment. It’s no secr