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1 Magellan Global Fund

agellan has paved the way for trend investing in Australia over the past decade. With a prescient sense of timing and investment positions built on deep research and high convictions,

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Source: Rainmaker Information. Data sourced as at December 31, 2020. *Numbers stated here depict averages, other than the Rank column, which is the total number of funds in the category. For any queries on these tables, please contact info@rainmaker.
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Goodbye Luxury, Hello The Good Life
NAME: Dave RETIRED: At 28 INCOME NEEDED: $45,000 a year for Dave and his partner, Alison, and dog, Boss INVESTMENT STRATEGY: Selling down investment properties and buying more index funds. Currently buying real estate investment trusts. Owns some
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“There’s A Misguided Belief That The More We Have The Happier We’ll Be”
Founder and CEO of 1 Million Women, Natalie has worked over the past 12 years to achieve her goal of mobilising a million women into environmental action – the number has reached 950,000 so far. She believes one small action multiplied by millions ch