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7 stockbroking secrets

There are investors who would love to have their own stockbroker on speed dial. Imagine being able to ring up and pick your broker’s brain about the latest initial public offer (IPO) or gossip about the management teams of the biggest listed businesses.

Imagine no more. We’ve talked to some of Australia’s most experienced and respected sharemarket experts to uncover their secrets, insider tips and advice you can put to use in your own portfolio.

Secret 1

You can invest in more than shares

There’s a lot more to stockmarkets than just shares, says Gemma Dale, NAB’s director of self-managed super funds and investor behaviour. “You can now build a really diversified, liquid portfolio on the ASX in a way you couldn’t have done 20 years ago,” she says.

“Back then, you had to invest in managed funds to get access to things like international shares. You had to pay upfront and ongoing management

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