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About the author… Karina Kilmore

Born in Wellington, she now lives in Melbourne, working as a newspaper journalist. This is her first novel.

This novel was inspired by… “My career as

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New Zealand Woman’s Weekly1 min de lecture
Book Club
Want to make The Thursday Murder Club your next book club read? Here are some talking points to kick off the discussion: • Would you join a Murder Club and, if so, which three people would you choose to help solve crimes? • Of the four Murder Club me
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly2 min de lecture
Writer’s BLOCK
Thanks to Covid, many people have turned the spare bedroom into an office. But what happens when you get greedy and want the master suite, too... Throwing shade! I hope you won’t mind my involving you in a recent marital dispute. We should be open
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly1 min de lecture
Who Am I?
• I was born in Western Australia, but started my career in Sydney • My movie hero was dancer Gene Kelly and as a teenager I choreographed a dance routine involving 60 pupils from an all-boys’ school, which won a national competition • I had a small