New Zealand Woman’s Weekly

About the author… Karina Kilmore

Born in Wellington, she now lives in Melbourne, working as a newspaper journalist. This is her first novel.

This novel was inspired by… “My career as

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New Zealand Woman’s Weekly4 min de lecture
The Man Who Sat On THE QUEEN’S BED
Michael Fagan, a man forever destined to be a Trivial Pursuit answer, has never come to terms with the spotlight that has glared down on him since he broke into Buckingham Palace and woke up the Queen. One minute he was a face in the crowds. Next, hi
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Make an easy apple chutney, banish odours with vanilla, scrub up with foraged materials from the beach, and use damp sand rather than water to keep cut flowers fresh. Go green! Apple season is here, so you will either have an abundance of apples o
New Zealand Woman’s Weekly3 min de lecture
PADDLE POWER The Woman Who St Ops Traffic
“ I originally wanted to be a vet, but I had to drop out of school when I was 16 after I was accidentally kicked in the head at cheerleading practice and got really bad concussion. I’d had other concussions from snowboarding, so it all just built up