Beauty in bulk

In terms of aesthetics, the bulk bin store does not have a sexy reputation. With plastic bins, metal scoops and a smattering of spilled flour on the linoleum floor, this type of utilitarian space used to be seen as a place where ruralites and environmentalists sourced their stock for the month. However, in recent years, packaging-free shopping has made a comeback and you don’t have to have dreadlocks to join the revolution. As more and more people become concerned with their waste streams, these stores and the environmentally conscious techniques to which they adhere are becoming more popular and with popularity comes design intent.

In terms of materials, colour and finish, these packaging-free havens are still fairly spartan. Ply shelving often features, showcasing plastic-free brands and smaller items. Walls tend to be clad in brick or timber. Ceilings are often high with natural

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