The ambassador of Indonesia’s cool

Championing local art has always been Ronald Akili’s passion, as seen in the first Potato Head which opened in Jakarta in 2009. However, it was Bali’s Potato Head Beach Club that catapulted the brand into the global limelight due to its design cred, architect Andra Matin’s iconic Javanese window shutters facade, tropical lifestyle experience, F&B offerings, and incredible sunset. Together with the adjacent Katamama, a boutique hotel which was made from 1.5 million red bricks as a tribute to local craftsmanship, it is now a bonafide destination that must not be missed when one visits Bali.

Winning the inaugural Sustainable Bar Award and ranked 36 in Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2018, Potato Head Beach Club now offers three distinctive restaurant concepts and one bar: Ijen (zero-waste and sustainably sourced seafood outlet), Kaum (modern Indonesian cuisine), Pizza Garden (locally sourced, Italian-inspired rooftop eatery), and Akademi (root-to-flower cocktails bar). Potato

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