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What Are Good Free Phone Apps For Identifying Plants? Margaret E. Hannah, MO
Like Shazam for plants, this app uses image-recognition software and a database of more than 600,000 plants, to identify annuals, perennials, succulents, and mushrooms from around the world. Connect with over 400,000 scientists and naturalists who c
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Test Garden Tryout
We grow as many new plants as possible in our test garden each year so we can share our experience with you. The patio looked great last summer with the new Double Up wax begonias and Medusa Green sweet potato vine mixed in with some old favorites.
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Grow Gorgeous Peonies
Can such beautiful flowers also be easy to grow? The answer is a definite yes! Peonies are not only easy-care, but they make great cut flowers, are often fragrant and can live for generations. Even though some gardeners grow huge, colorful peonies wi