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Compost It
Fall leaves Straw Dead flowers Shredded newspaper Sawdust Dead brush and twigs Pine needles Grass clippings Plant-based kitchen waste Barnyard animal manure Coffee grounds/filters/tea bags Fresh garden trimmings Dog or cat feces Disease- or insect
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Organic Gardeners You Should Follow
You’ll appreciate Timothy’s down-to-earth approach and basic gardening tips as well as natural fertilizer recipes, projects and fun, easy-to-digest graphical information. He gardens in urban Houston. INSTAGRAM: @bigcitygardener BLOG: bigcitygardener
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Tapestry Under a Tree
Are you tired of struggling with lawn under a large shade tree? Me, too. With dramatic fall color, this 18-year-old red maple is a striking asset in my front yard. But there are large and extensive surface roots that make it difficult to grow grass.