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The interracial relationship and wedding of Phillippa de Villiers (Bianca Amato) and Derek Nyathi (Hlomla Dandala) in 2001 was

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You South Africa3 min de lectureInternet & Web
Mixed Signals
THE outrage was swift, intense – and with a level of hysteria not often seen directed at tech companies before. WhatsApp is invading our privacy by spying on us and reading our messages! Facebook wants to use us to sell ads and share our contacts’ de
You South Africa2 min de lecture
Need A Dose Of Inspiration?
In 1938, 18-year-old Eddie Jaku was alone at his parents’ home in Leipzig, Germany, when 10 Nazis kicked down the door. He was one of many Jews rounded up on what became known as the Night of Broken Glass. For the next seven years Eddie faced unimagi
You South Africa1 min de lectureCrime & Violence
When Kay Willingham is found half naked in her idling convertible behind a private school in Washington DC, it creates a stir. For with the ex-wife of the vice-president is the principal of the school and he’s also in a very compromising position. Bo