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A sporting life in Africa

Those who want an end to all sport hunting, together with meat and dairy production, should study Africa’s wild places. When we settled on a patch of wilderness north of Mount Kenya 17 years ago, we pitched a tent in a beautiful spot and wondered why we felt so at home. I swiftly realised our landscape was anything but virgin — it was busy with ancient signs of humans

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News In Brief
Scientists at the GWCT were surprised to receive updates from three satellite-tagged woodcock, whose tags were expected to have stopped working years ago. Holkham, Nellie III and Fonthill Abbie II were tagged in 2018, 2017 and 2016 respectively, mean
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Wildlife Will Pay High Price For Criminal Acts
The relaxation of lockdown has brought the predicted wave of fires, litter and antisocial behaviour, with vandals targeting traps at a number of locations across the UK. Problems in the Yorkshire Dales began with illegal off-roading, with vegetation
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Sporting Ephemera Of The Week
This means of carrying ammunition has somewhat gone out of fashion among game Shots, but some clay shooters and pigeon shooters use an open version of the cartridge pouch slung on a belt. This was available in the early 20th century and consisted of