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A sporting life in Africa

Those who want an end to all sport hunting, together with meat and dairy production, should study Africa’s wild places. When we settled on a patch of wilderness north of Mount Kenya 17 years ago, we pitched a tent in a beautiful spot and wondered why we felt so at home. I swiftly realised our landscape was anything but virgin — it was busy with ancient signs of humans

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They Said What
Who said it: Anonymous Why: An anonymous Welsh farming family thanked the police after their lives and those of their two young children were threatened by activists. Their experience was reported by fellow Welsh farmer Gareth Wyn Jones. ■
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Sporting Ephemera Of The Week
Edwardian ferrets must have been wild little things because everyone seemed to sell ferret muzzles in gun catalogues, which were full of ephemera relating to shooting sports and pest control. The muzzle had a bar that went through the mouth, like a h
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Sporting Answers
Q Do green woodpeckers ever drum? A The answer is yes, but rarely. I encounter green woodpeckers frequently, seeing or hearing birds on a daily basis, but I have never heard one drumming, or even suspected one of doing so. My research suggests that