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Fabulous beasts AND WHERE TO FIND THEM

In the UK, we’ve got the Beast of Bodmin, Black Shucks and the Loch Ness monster – just a few of the weird and wonderful entities that are the stuff of British folklore and fairy tales. Other countries have their own crazy creatures – and they’re every bit as weird...

1 Whistle down the wind

Santander, a city on the northern coast of Spain, is known for its long stretches of sandy beach, its iconic royal palace – and mystical beings called Ventolines. The word translates as ‘little winds’, which is the perfect description for these charming creatures. With angelic faces,

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Did You Know?
Psychics have, in some cases, solved murders that the police didn’t even know had happened. In 1987, Andre Daigle went missing after a night out in New Orleans. It was only when his sister contacted a psychic called Rosemarie Kerr that foul play was
Chat It's Fate1 min de lecture
Chat It's Fate
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My children Aaliyah (now 12) and Austin (now nine) peered out of the window as we drove up the drive to Tulloch Castle. Built in the 12th century in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, this romantic-looking castle was once home to the Laird of the C