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The Gold Won’t Go to L.A.
For all their fame, tradition, and monumentality, the Olympic Games are fickle. Cities vying to host the summer Olympics have always lined up and competed with one another ferociously, promising stadiums and arenas that would rejuvenate neglected nei
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Fiction Picks
• By Alexandra Chang • Ecco, 320 pages, $26.99 This tender and candid first novel is narrated by a Chinese American woman named Jing Jing. She plays multiple roles here: grown daughter in a broken immigrant family, technology reporter in Silicon Vall
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Alta Picks
In 1956, Jack Kerouac spent 63 days as a fire lookout on Desolation Peak in Washington State. His time at a tiny cabin perched at an elevation of 6,102 feet in the Cascade Range helped inspire his novels Desolation Angels and The Dharma Bums. While t