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2021 Unmissable Space Events
NEXT ATTEMPT BY SMALL CALIFORNIAN COMPANY TO LAUNCH MICRO-LAUNCHER Although it has not yet reached orbit, Astra is a well-established new launch vehicle company from San Francisco, only announcing its presence in 2020 to make an attempt on the DARPA
All About Space1 min de lectureScience & Mathematics
The Cosmic Distance Ladder
Accurate measurements of the distances to neighbouring planets can be made by measuring the time for radar signals to bounce off the planets’ surfaces and return. Combined with models of planetary orbits, these provide an accurate scale for the Solar
All About Space9 min de lecturePhysics
Extragalactic Planets
We should count ourselves lucky. For thousands of years humans have gazed up at the night sky, wondering whether or not we are alone. We are among the first generations to know for sure that our Solar System is just one of many strung out across the