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Coins and Mankind Are Here to Stay

Coin meetings and shows canceled. Possible closure national assemblages. Gold and silver irrational. Mints closing gift shops. Panic buying. Stock market chaotic. Jobs curtailed. Layoffs. Fear.

We are all witnessing conditions and circumstances completely unknown, not just

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Numismatic News3 min de lecture
Do You View Silver Differently Today Than You Did One Year Ago? Have You Adjusted Your Collecting Approach Because Of It?
No, I continue to mine silver and collectible coins by searching rolls. The pandemic has coin flow down quite a bit, though. Fritz Clemens Twinsburg, Ohio My views about this precious metal have not changed in the last year. I still view it as beaut
Numismatic News3 min de lecture
1878-S Seated Liberty Half Dollar
The 1878-S Seated Liberty half dollar is an interesting coin about which we know very little. The general pattern is the more expensive the coin, the more we know, but in the case of the 1878-S, we barely know enough to ask good questions. Yet this i
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Numismatic News
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