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‘I’ve Lowered My Standards – And It’s Cheered Me Right Up’
“Television has kept me going over the past year. I’ve binge-watched hours, whizzing through entire box sets in days. At one point I was in danger of completing Netflix. My lockdown’s probably been longer than yours, though of course it’s not a compe
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Our heavenly HEDGEROWS
Nothing sums up spring better than a lush hedgerow dotted with flowers, buzzing with insects and chirruping with birdsong. As well as hosting a rich and varied mix of flora and fauna, hedgerows provide a life-support system for an abundance of diff
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What you’re WEARING
I like a smart/casual look. I’m petite so I have to look around to find the right fit. Jigsaw is my favourite place to shop and these jeans are from there. I bought my aviator jacket from Celtic Sheepskin. It’s an investment piece that I’ll love for