Country Life

Oh, the agony!

Love games

My oldest friend is a woman and I’ve never seen a problem with that, but my new girlfriend

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Country Life3 min de lecture
Fruit Sours
WHEN I was at school, there was little worse than being a gooseberry. There to stop anyone feeling embarrassed, you soon became surplus to requirements if things were going swimmingly. The most plausible origin of this peculiar phrase is that it stem
Country Life1 min de lecture
Lockdown Love Story
A WIDOWED swan and Highgate ponds resident has had cygnets, after finding a new mate during lockdown. The swan (affectionately known as Mrs Newbie to locals) lost her previous partner four years ago, in a tragic flying accident involving a building.
Country Life6 min de lecture
Imagine There’s No Ketchup
IT is a sunny afternoon. There’s a deckchair on the lawn. A tall glass containing an iced drink of some inviting kind—I’m sure nothing stronger than lemonade—stands beside it. The senses are surfeited, eyelids droop. What is the aural background to t