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Town & Country Notebook
1) The old legal term ‘chattels' refers to one's what? 2) Englishman Eric Arthur Blair is better known by his pen name-what is it? 3) Which pseudonymous artist's works include Ballerina with Action Man Parts, Pulp Fiction and Parachuting Rat? 4) K
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100 years ago in COUNTRY LIFE July 10, 1920
IT is a great pleasure to read the recent decision of the Large Black Pig Society to recommend that pedigree pigs of certain ages should be of certain minimum weights. Such a decision is one of the great landmarks in the breeding and sale of pedigree
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Taking The Limelight
• Lime blossom is the queen of honey plants and a single tree is capable of producing 40lb of the sweet stuff. The bees can become so intoxicated after visiting lime blossom that they have to sober up on a landing board before being allowed back into