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Star Letter
I really enjoyed your article with cover star Lisa Lanceford, “Work out because you love your body” (March issue). I don’t know how many times I overhear people say ‘I’m too big’, ‘I want a sculpted body’ or ‘My thighs are massive’. I do it myself. W
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Gym Rules!
Social distancing isn’t going anywhere, so expect all gym equipment to be spaced 2m apart, with floor markings in studios to tell people where to stand in classes. Gyms will now be expected to greet all their members with a temperature check and some
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Fuel Up
If you’re struggling to get the nutrients you need, this food shake packs 30g of protein (equivalent to five eggs) from peas, pumpkin and chickpeas, plus 400 calories, per serving. Built by an elite athlete for fitness fans, Vega boasts this blend o